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Discover South America with Mantaraya Travel

South America is an epic continent that promises every breathtaking natural landscape you can imagine, diverse and passionate cultures with a unique mix of Indigenous, African and European heritage, carnivals, adventure, archaeology, wildlife and a surprise around every corner.


Colombia is finally opening up to the world and travelers cannot get enough of it. The most bio-diverse country on the planet for its size, Colombia is characterized by its incredible variety of landscapes, its friendly and joyful people and the addictive rhythm of its cosmopolitan cities.

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A long-time travel hotspot for its legendary archaeological sites and breathtaking mountains, Peru is a dynamic and well-developed destination with exquisite cuisine, world class hotels and an endless supply of natural wonders to enjoy.

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From the driest desert on Earth to one of the most pristine national parks on the planet, Chile is a diverse and modern country that offers visitors fantastic outdoor activities, exceptional wine tours and a collection of cosmopolitan cities that fuse European and Latin culture wonderfully.

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From tremendous conical volcanoes and snowy Andean mountains, to gorgeous Pacific Coast beaches and the Galapagos Islands. From colonial towns to metropolitan cities and the Amazon rainforest, it is truly remarkable how diverse this tiny country is.

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Bolivia´s mystic natural beauty and authentic indigenous culture tempt adventurous travelers looking to get a little off the beaten track. Travelling in Bolivia is cheaper than anywhere in South America, and beautiful handmade artesania can be found at bargain prices.

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