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If you're a thrill-seeker, adrenaline lover, Santander is the way to go.

With plenty of exciting outdoor activities such as white-water rafting in San Gils Río Fonce or on the Río Chicamocha for class 4 rivers, hiking, paragliding, rappelling, kayaking or cave exploring in the Indio Cave.

Along with the adventure comes a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Visit its colonial towns, churches, cathedrals and cobblestone street towns.

San Gil

Emerging as one of the new adventure sport capitals of the world, there is no better place than San Gil Colombia to flood your body with adrenalin and immerse yourelf in some seriously breathtaking landscapes.

A perfect stop on the way to the Caribbean Coast, San Gil offers visitors some of the best white-water rafting in South America, with a variety of routes ranging everywhere from placid level 1 to extreme level 5.

On top of this you can paraglide through one of the most spectacular canyons on the planet, go on deep caving expeditions; mountain bike trips; bungee jumps, kayaking tours, rock-climbing and abseiling adventures, countryside hikes that wind through gorgeous colonial towns and much more.

To unwind, you can stroll through the towns beautiful botanical gardens or swim in an idylic water hole beneth a 180 meter high waterfall. The combination of limitless activities, a laid back atmosphere and friendly locals make San Gil a hard place to leave and definately one of the best places to visit in Colombia.


Barichara is an old colonial town preserved just as it was 200 years ago just 20 km north of San Gil.

Walk along the cobble stone streets and visit the town center taking in all of the 22 wonderful sculptures to see in the park. Visit the towns’ tiny cemetery and chapel and while you’re there check out the amazing knit bags made of Fíque Plants!


A quiet town just 10 km north of Barichara, is Guane. You won’t find too much to do here but just seeing the town square is enough to take your breath away.

Visit the Museum of Paleontology and Archaeology housing many fossils and local artifacts.

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Travel Tips

Dress Code

The weather in Santander is hot and sunny but despite its great weather during the day, the nights can get very cold so make sure to pack a sweater and a jacket.

How to get there

Santander By plane - Take a flight to Bucaramanga’s Palo Negro Airport and take a bus to San Gil, Barichara or Guane. By land - There are direct bus-trips to Bucaramanga or Santa Martha with stop off in San Gil leaving from Bogotá and vise versa. Getting around - The easiest way to get around Santander is by taxi. Make sure to ask about the ride fare before you get in as fares may vary.

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  • Comment by Stephanie Wagner — 09/06/2009

    Ive been to sangil several times and this little town just holds a place in my heart.As a rafting fanatic this place is heaven for me!Rafting during the day,lunch,siesta and then party at night in the park!

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