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San Agustin y Tierra Adentro - An archaeologists dream

The rolling hills of San Agustin tells the stories of the profound and cryptic civilization that once roamed this land and buried their dead with extraordinary carved symbolic statues and burial tombs, before mysteriously disappearing.

St Augustin

A wonderland of archeological sites spread out over an enchanting and mystic landscape of stunning beauty, San Agustin will take you back to an ethereal Colombian civilization.

In this lush mountain region, where mist rolls through impressive canyons and past stunning waterfalls, a magical pre-Colombian civilization has left its footprint, with impressive 1,500 year old tombs and stone sculptures to spend hours exploring.

To visit these extensive parks and scattered sites you can do so by foot or by horse, either way you will fully enjoy entering a rich archeological destination.

Discover the rich archeological heritage of Colombia!

The mysterious tombs and statues are spread out expansively in the San Agustin area (largest collection of megalithic and religious sculptures in South America) however there are two main archeological sites to go to.

The first is the Parque Arqueologico San Agustin, a UNESCO world historical and cultural heritage site. Walk through the 78 hectares of the park with a guide to discover more about the statues which are measured between 1 – 7 meters high and discover more about the enigmatic culture that made them, stopping into the museum at the base of the park to see artifacts and smaller statues within.

The second main park is the Parque Aqueologico Alto De Los Idolos which has the largest statue in the San Agustin area. Hike through a magnificent gorge to get to the archaeological park from the San Agustin town.

Even more traces of the past

Take a tour to the Estrecho Del Magdalena to see where the main river of Colombia the Rio Magdalena becomes a small narrow stretch (it is strongly advised not to pass the stretch although it looks possible).

Horse ride to La Chaquira, a captivating green canyon encircled in mist and an old worshiping site with figurines engraved into the rocks along the Cliffside or if you’re feeling brave take a white water rafting trip down the colder waters of the Magdalena River.

Go to Salto De Bordones to see an astounding waterfall that falls in the middle of a lush green mountainous crop

Tierradentro – Another large and more remote archaeological site hosts a plenitude of strange and unusual underground tombs marked with coloured drawings and symbols.

Take a walk through the volcanic landscape and stop into the two museums here Museo Arqueologico and Museo Etnografico. Tours can be arranged to go here from San Agustin.

Tatacoa Desert - Near the city of Neiva (where most people arrive and start their journey to San Agustin from) is the Tatacoa Desert, a stunning earthly landscape of reds and greys, abundant with cactuses and desert flora and fauna; the locals say here that the desert waters contain special powers that if used for a blessing or baptism you will have a long life.

Within the desert is the Astronomical Observatory where you can star gaze with a high tech telescope up into the large open skies.

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Travel Tips

Dress code

Take some good walking/hiking clothes and shoes, sunscreen, hat with a sweater for colder nights. Be prepared for really sunny days at Neiva, and colder temperatures at San Agustin. Pack for possible rainy days (All the hikes are under open sky).

How to get there

By plane – Flights fly into Neiva from Bogota with Avianca, Aires and Satena, then transport by land from Neiva to San Agustin. By land within the city - By foot, horse or jeep is the best way to explore San Agustin however with tours you can also have private transportation. Dining - San Agustin boasts great International cuisine due to the foreign population here, as many visitors that once came to San Agustin decided to stay for good. The Restaurante Italiano serves great typical Italian food made by the Italian owner.

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