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Voted as one of the best beaches in the world, it is a must see for any traveller.

One of the most beautiful natural parks in the world, this majestic coastline is enveloped in thick rainforest, home to flora, fauna, birds, and animals within.

Walk to indigenous sites, or along the ruggedly beautiful beaches and evergreen treks, or simply relax in the Caribbean sun whilst swaying in a hammock listening to the breeze rustling coconut trees.

Ancient culture and thousands of rare animal species

Parque Nacional Tayrona riddled with historic archeological remains hidden within the jungle, and stretched along a beautiful rugged coast line is 12,000 hectares in land and 3,000 hectares of sea its inhabitants include deer, monkeys, jaguars, margay cats, armadillos and porcupines plus 180 more species of mammals and 300 species of birds.

The oceans boast diversity with its coral reefs and sea life and the rainforest rich in vegetation has more than 770 species of plants.

Follow the path of the Tayrona

Parque Nacional Tayrona is not a place to miss if within its vicinity, being the main destination within its area. There are a number of places to stop along whilst walking along the sandy beaches and jungle tracks, which begin from El Zaiho, the parks entrance a 34 km from Santa Marta.

From here an hour or so walk to Cañaveral is the first campground you will come across along with cabanas, a couple of restaurants and the Museo Arqueológico Chairama an archeological museum with artifacts from the nearby historic site of El Pueblito (El Pueblito is also known as Chairama in the indigenous language).

From Cañaveral you can embark on an enjoyable and peaceful walk, encountering the sounds of monkeys and parrots, surrounded with beautiful virgin nature and go as far as El Pueblito.

El Pueblito – the perfect base for your explorations

El Pueblito is a top choice of places to walk to whilst staying in Tayrona, especially if you don’t plan to do the 6 day hike to the Lost City. Like the Lost City, El Pueblito is a historic site of the Tayrona people, the village still remains, with the clever design of stones, pathways, drainage systems and general layout of the long lost community.

How to get to El Pueblito

To get to El Pueblito you will arrive to a couple of places of interest before hand; 45 minutes walking from Cañaveral along the coast you will first arrive to Arrecifes, a further 20 minute walk will bring you to La Piscina, a sandy bay with tranquil waters for a bit of swimming or snorkeling, as this beach is one of the only areas in the park where it is safe to swim regarding you are fairly close to the shore.

Here relaxed tourists like to while the days and nights away perched near coconut trees on the idyllic warm sand and watch the sun set.

20 minutes walk from La Piscina is the Cabo San Juan de la Guía, a cape with beautiful beaches. From this point the further hike to El Pueblito is a steep and rigorous climb for about 3 hours but once you arrive, you will be able to encounter the historic site of pre-Colombian civilization.

If coming to Parque Nacional Tayrona you will be visiting one of the most beautiful parts of Colombia, it will surely captivate you.

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Beach wear is needed whilst relaxing on the beach of the park, however suitable walking gear along with walking shoes, rain coat, sunscreen insect repellent and a hat is needed too.

How to get there ?

By plane - Take a flight to Santa Marta’s airport Simon Bolivar, and then take transport from here to the park. By bus - Transport from Santa Marta can take you as far as El Zaino the parks entrance, where you can then walk or take extra transport as far as Cañaveral.

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