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Nuquí is the ecological jewel of the colombian Pacific

The population of Nuquí is well-known in Colombia as an area of great cultural and ecological diversity. Tourists that travel to this beautiful population, assure that it is an ideal shelter for those who love touristic and academic activities related to nature and quiet relaxation.

Like a fish in the water!

Every year, excursions from all over Colombia and the world arrive at Nuquí, for all kinds of ecotourism tours and water sports. Sport fishing is one of the biggest attractions in this area of the Department of Choco, always under the “fish and give back” ecological motto.

Likewise, the exuberant vegetation of this area of Colombia, and its extensive beaches, are the main reasons to come to visit Nuquí.

During ecological walks through rain forests that surround this population, you may observe one of the greatest biodiversities in the world, with surprising plant abundance, crystal-clear water, whales, marine life, birds, and thermal spring waters.

Experience urban life in Colombia

Once in Nuquí, you may want to take advantage of its proximity with other cities and touristic populations such as Bahía Solano, Medellín, Cali and Gorgona Island, where tourists can learn more about Colombian culture.

Another tourism attraction in Nuquí is its gastronomy, worthy representative of typical food in the Colombian Pacific area. Residents of this region offer tourists exquisite fish and fried seafood dishes, served with foods grown in the region, including cassava (yucca), plantains and yams.

Something for everybody

Some other important activities you can do in Nuqui are: visiting thermal springs and crystal-clear waterfalls in the middle of the jungle; ecological walks, under the guide of experts, and boat rides and kayaking to nearby municipalities and places that surround Nuquí, like Cabo Corrientes, Coquí, Joví, Utría, and Juribida

Nuqui offers its visitors very economical accommodations, but with excellent costumer service. The majority of hotels and hostels face the ocean, and are built in wood and thatched roofs. Don’t forget to make your reservation before getting to this beautiful area of Colombia .

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Travel Tips

Adequate clothing:

While on the beaches of Nuquí, it is recommended to use short pants and plastic flip-flops, but because of the fact of being in a rain forest, it is recommended to have an impermeable jacket at hand, since a small downpour may fall anytime. Likewise, for ecological long walks, it is recommended to wear long pants (in order to avoid mosquito bites), and very comfortable shoes.

How to get there:

By plane: By taking a flight from Medellín to Quibdó, and then, a boat to Bahía Solano, and Nuquí .

By land and sea: Nuquí still does not count on adequate road access, due to topographic features of the area, but you can take a road trip to Buenaventura (Department of Valle), followed by an approximately 12 hour long boat trip; or you may also reach Nuquí from Bahía Solano.

To travel to the Department of Chocó, you need to be vaccinated against yellow fever.

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