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Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are one of the great mysteries of ancient civilization. Why did an early desert tribe scratch so many geoglyphs and geometrical patterns into the ground so big that they can only be seen by the air? The mystery has led many people to believe that the Nazca Lines are connected in some way to extra-terrestrials. Whatever you believe, the Nazca lines are certainly a spectacular site a one of Peru´s most famous travel destinations.

Main Attractions

  • While there is a viewing tower, to appreciate the Nazca Lines in all their might you have to take a ride in a light plane. The figures of the monkey, spider, lizard, dog, hummingbird, condor and astronaut are among the stand outs.
  • Getting there

    The only way to get to Nazca is by bus or private car, which takes approximately 7 hours from Lima. Nazca is a perfect stop on the way to Arequipa and Cusco.

    Best time to go

    Being in the desert, the Nazca Lines can be enjoyed all year round. The best time of the day to go in the light plane is early morning and late afternoon.

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