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La Paz

Founded by the Spanish in 1548, La Paz crawls up from the bottom of a deep canyon to spill out over the top of Bolivia´s vast and barren high altitude plateau. Renowned for being the world´s highest metropolis, modern and traditional life collide in this bustling and steep city that will have you feeling like you´re walking through a never-ending street market.

Once you acclimatize to the dizzying height, La Paz has hundreds of museums, churches, colonial buildings, restaurants, markets and other interesting places to explore. Simply wandering the busy streets of La Paz and observing the indigenous Bolivian culture is a tourist attraction in itself. Outside of the city there are numerous impressive archeological sites to visit as well as some of Bolivia´s most breathtaking landscapes.

Main Attractions

  • Take a walk through La Paz´s legendary Witches Market and buy an amulet, potion or llama fetus to take home for a souvenir.
  • Learn about the 2000 year history of the production and consumption of the controversial coca plant in the Coca Muesum.
  • Sit a while in Plaza Murillo, dedicated to the leader of the 1809 revolution. Around the plaza is the Presidential Palace, Congressional house and Cathedral.
  • Wander through the mysterious ruins of Tiahuanaco, a pre-Columbian archeological site recognized as one of the most important precursors of the Inca Empire.
  • Gaze upon the Valley of the Moon, a steep maze of canyons and pinnacles just 10km from the city center.
  • Getting There

    The international airport is located on the altiplano above the city.
    Buses arrive at the main terminal from hundreds of destinations including Oruro (3 ½ hours), Sucre (14 hours), Santa Cruz (16 hours), Arica, Chile (8 hours) and Lima, Peru (27 hours).

    Best Time to Go

    April to October is recommended as these are the driest months, though also the coldest.

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