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Connected to the outside world by boat and plane, Iquitos is the largest city on the planet that cannot be reached by road. Founded in the 1750´s as a Jesuit mission, it wasn´t until the rubber boom of late 19th century that Iquitos grew into the main Amazonian Port that it is today. Since then Iquitos´s economy has grown off the back of the regions rich natural resources, mainly timber, wildlife and most recently petroleum. Travelers use Iquitos as a launch pad for excursions into the Amazon Rainforest, though most decide that the city deserves a few days in itself.

Main attractions

  • Certainly the main attraction of Iquitos is the variety of tours to the Amazon jungle. From Iquitos you can set off on wildlife observation treks, fishing trips, canoe expeditions, eco-tours, visits to indigenous communities and much more.
  • The House of Iron, designed by the same architect who designed the Eiffel Tower, is Iquitos´ most famous building and worth a visit.
  • The Amazon Refuge Wildlife Conservation Centre is a fantastic place to stay. It´s home to a variety of free roaming animals and supports responsible tourism and sustainable projects in the Amazon.
  • Getting there

    Boats run daily from various ports in Peru, and journeys can take anywhere between 12 hours to a week.
    Several flights run daily from the capital Lima to Iquitos.

    Best time to go

    Rainfall and temperatures do not vary much throughout the year in the tropical climate of Iquitos. However June to September offers slightly better weather for visiting.

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