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Soaring to the sky out of open high-altitude grassland, the perfectly symmetrical cone and snowy crest of Cotopaxi make it Ecuador´s most legendary volcano. At 5890 meters high, it is the tallest active volcano in the world and its tremendous might make for spectacular views and a humbling presence. Hundreds of climbers ascend its peak every year and thousands more stand on its slopes and make the 45 minute ascent to the refuge. From its summit, if the weather permits, you can make out almost all of the highest peaks in Ecuador.

Main attractions

  • Witness the beauty of Cotopaxi Volcano and stand on its steep snowy slopes.
  • Visit the Cotopaxi Museum, where you can see a collection of stuffed wildlife and explanatory material.
  • Check out the old Incan ruins, which were once a military fortress used to control passage of armies and goods to the surrounding areas.

Getting there

Cotopaxi is around 1 hour by car from Quito.

Best time to go

December to April are considered the best months to visit this breathtakingly beautiful region.

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