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Colombian Amazon - An Adventure Travel!

The Amazonian rainforest is one of our most precious gifts in the world.

A home to an extensive variety of flora, fauna, rivers, lakes, animals, medicinal plants and indigenous tribes, the Amazon which occupies 35% of Colombia’s southern territory is a must see when visiting Colombia, full of adventure and a pure nature experience at its finest!

Where to begin in the Amazon?

Arriving into Leticia the Capital of the Colombian Amazon, you will find yourself at the doorstep to the neighbouring parts of Peru and Brazil and at a gateway to a marvel of places to explore.

Leticia is hospitable and safe and offers all the requirements for visitors in this surprisingly small bustling city, such as internet, cafes, restaurants, hotels, tours and activities and both a river port and airport to arrive by.

What has the Amazon offer?

From here you can arrange to visit a number of special sites within the Amazonian basin, with plenty of activities to take on.

Indigenous cosmology communities can be visited, observation of birds, pink dolphins, caimans and other wildlife, ecological walks and treks within the evergreen jungle, kayaking along windy rivers and tranquil lakes, canopy tours, interactions with monkeys, crafts shopping, fishing and much, much more.

One sight which can’t be missed in particular is the very rare pink-dolphins that can be found along the Amazonian rivers and more specifically in the Tarapoto Lake where they sometimes like to swim alongside motor run boats.

The education and protection is vital in this ecological wonder, and those who visit, will leave with lives far more enriched.

Areas of interest in particular are

  • Amacayacu Park
  • Puerto Nariño
  • Lago Tarapoto (Lake Tarapoto)
  • Matamata
  • Santa Sofia
  • Isla de Los Micos (Monkey Island)

On the Brazilian side of the Amazon is also the natural reserve of Palamari (Reserva Natural Palamari) a main base for scientific research as well as a park with accommodation and an array of activities to do from there.

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Travel Tips

how to dress in the Amazon?

Dress code

Comfortable walking shoes, rubber boots, light weight clothing, sun block and bug repellent are all important for comfort whilst in the Jungle, water proof clothing is also highly recommended.

How to get to the Amazon?

By plane – Flights from the El Dorado Airport in Bogota are a mere 1 hour and 40 minutes to the Vásquez Cabo airport in Leticia. Aerorepublica, Satena and Avianca all offer flights, and there is a small airport tax to pay upon arriving. By Land within Leticia - There are a number of Taxis and Motor taxis to help you get around as well as a few Volkswagen buses to take you out to further areas of Leticia. You must ask about the fare before hand as the price may vary. Walking around Leticia by foot is also easy as the roads are easy to manoeuvre, and you are also able to walk into a part of the neighbouring Brazilian town of Tabatinga without any problems. Health and safety – Before going to the Amazon one needs to make sure they have all vaccinations up to date. Two of those vaccinations that are compulsory are Yellow Fever and Tetanus. A document to show you have had these vaccinations will need to be provided. An expert guide is needed to explore any part of the jungle whilst there.

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Comments for The Colombian Amazon

  • Comment by Rob Scovell — 09/10/2009

    I just came back from Colombia and while I was there I went to the Amazon (Leticia) in Colombia through a Mantaraya tour. While I was there I was able to explore the Brazilian and Peruvian parts of the amazon also. All I can say is that this trip was a dream come true. I always wanted to go to this part of the world and I had the most amazing experience, being there makes you feel so small in the large expanse of the jungle! I saw a lot of wild animals and met some of the indigenous people. Best trip I have ever taken!!

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