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Discover the Lost City of Colombia

Dubbed ´the new Machu Pichu´, La Ciudad Perdida, or ´The Lost City´, is a 1200 year old archeological marvel believed to have once been the political centre of the Tayrona. The Kogui and Arhuaco tribes who occupy the land today kept the site a secret for centuries before it was discovered in 1972 by treasure hunters. The regional conflict continued to keep people out and it was not until 2005 that tourist hikes became totally safe.

The Tayronas were leaders in gold work and many gold pieces you can find in any gold museum through out Colombia will be from the Tayrona culture.

A journey that will pay off!

To reach the Lost City and return is a journey that lasts for up to 6 days, trekking through breathtaking lush jungle, crossing flowing creeks and travelling along a mountain range with an altitude reaching around 1,300 meters above sea level.

Once you reach the entrance to the lost city you will embark up a number of stone steps set amidst the jungle and upon entering the city you will see the formation of the city overgrown with vegetation, its 169 terraces, cleverly built stone pathways and forward thinking irrigation systems.

Here you can also see the Kogi, Arsario and Arhuaco Indians, descendants of the Tayrona who now occupy the area, and who were visiting the area well before it was discovered by the looters in the 70’s.

Enjoy the journey – we organise everything else!

The Lost city is truly breathtaking to visit and experience, although the hike is not for the light hearted. Travel to the Lost City must be with a guided tour therefore we recommend contacting Mantaraya in advance so we can best organize this spectacular expedition for you.

If the 6 day hike is not of your taste you can take a spectacular helicopter ride flying over the Sierra Nevada, passing over the lost city to see the terraces and historic Tayrona community, then Litoral and Bahia. The birds-eye view will let you see this magical place at its grandest.

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Travel Tips

Dress code

Hiking boots, hiking clothes, warm clothing for at night and waterproof clothing and gear is vital, sunscreen, insect repellent and a hat too – flashlight and water container.

How to get there

Transport to El Mamey to start the hike is by vehicle and the rest is by foot with an experienced guide.


Sleeping in hammocks or in peasants’ houses.

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Comments for The Lost City

  • Comment by sarah Bynum — 12/31/2009

    An unforgettable trip. I’m an experienced hiker but I found it quite strenuous in places. The scenery is breathtaking and the city absolutely fascinating. The first glimpse of the stone steps at the end of three days hiking is quite a discovery. My guide was extremely knowledgeable, patient and gracious, constantly checking on our comfort and wellbeing. Food was plentiful,tasty and the cooks worked hard to enure we were well looked after. A wonderful trip….

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Tour to the Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City)

Tour to the Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City)

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Discover Cuidad Perdida - The Lost City

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