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The welcoming city in the mountains

Bucaramanga the capital of Santander, is known as the most welcoming city in Colombia and is growing rapidly as a tourist destination.

Not only does this city boast beautiful mountainous parks but it is famous for its local delicacy of large fried ants. Try it if you dare!

Don’t miss the Botanical Garden Eloy Valenzuela to lounge around the tranquil Japanese tea garden.

Party in the Rosa Zone (Zona Rosa) in town and go to a variety of clubs, bars or cafés. Or for a little more culture hit up the towns best mariachi bars “El Guitarrón” or “El Sombrero”.

Visit some of the many museums Bucaramanga has to offer such as the Museum Casa De Bolivar (Museo Casa de Bolivar) of historical and archeological exhibits or the Casa de la Cultura which hosts art donated by local artists.

Admire a ‘new’ wonder of nature

About an hour from Bucaramanga you can arrive to the Chicamocha National Park (Panachi), which has a large amount of activities to do here against the natural background of a deep canon valley of beautiful greens and blues with flowing rivers and open skies.

This particular park is one of the most popular in Colombia and has had world wide recognition recently being nominated for a ‘New 7 wonders of nature’.

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Travel Tips

Dress Code

The weather is great in Bucaramanga, sunny and breezy but a bit chilly at night so light weight clothes for the day are recommended. We also recommend carrying a light sweater for the evening just in case.

Getting to Bucaramanga

By plane - Take a direct flight to Palo Negro International Airport from Bogotá’s El Dorado. By bus – Take a bus from Bogota, Santa Marta or Cartagena which all have regular bus lines stopping at Bucaramanga. Bus lines are Berlinas Del Fonce or Copetran. By land within the city - Traveling by taxi within Bucaramanga is the easiest and cheapest option. Be sure to ask about the fare for the ride before you get in the car because rates can vary.

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