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Famous for its explosive Barranquilla Carnival!

Home to the biggest festival of the year the Barranquilla Carnival is full of explosive colour, traditional dance, music, masquerades, rhythmic beats, beauty queens and floats.

The whole city comes out during the four day affair and joyfully parades through the streets. This is an example of the vibrancy and life that the people of Barranquilla hold.

Barranquilla doesn’t just hold claim to fame for its spectacular four day Carnival which was named by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, but it is also the birth town of International singer Shakira.

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A city full of surprises

Barranquilla was born as another coastal port town along the northern coast of Colombia and although the larger vicinity of the City is not very attractive it definitely has some nice areas that are well worth visiting. In the north west of the city is El Prado, the main hub of nice shops, fine dining restaurants, and beautiful architecture.

Here you can find a number of places to visit such as The Cave Foundation (La Cueva) a bar and restaurant dedicated to the arts, cinema and literature which has been around since the 50’s and where many like minded people such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Alejandro Obregon often used to gather to share friendly conversation and a drink.

Art, architecture, animals – Baranquilla has it all!

Pass along some beautiful and contemporary style churches such as the Catedral Metropolitana which shows its unique style inside, or the neo-gothic Iglesia San Roque and beautiful Iglesia Del Carmen.

Visit the Románitco Museo, a safe guard for memorabilia and historic keepsakes of Barranquilla and the 1919 classic Customs Building.

One of Barranquilla’s largest attractions is the Botanical Zoo (Jardín Zoológico) which protects animals in near extinction such as the white ear titi monkey or the speckled bear. As well as hundreds more reptiles, birds and mammals like the Liger a cross between a Bengal tiger and a lion.

For those that enjoy golf there are a couple of great places to play – the Country Club de Barranquilla and the Club Lagos de Caujaral.

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Travel Tips

Dress code

Weather in Barranquilla is hot, so light weight clothing is ideal, along with sunscreen and a hat.

How to get there

By plane - Flights to Barranquilla’s airport are easily available from most Colombian major Cities with Avianca, Copa airlines and Aerorepublica airlines.

By bus – Barranquilla is situated between Cartagena and Santa Marta and so is therefore very easy to get to by bus from either of those cities also including Medellin and Bogota.

By land within the city - The best way to get around is by taxi, however be sure to ask about the fare for the ride before you get in the car because rates can vary.

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