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Bahía Solano gives its tourists relaxation and eco tourism

Since a decade ago, the population of Bahía Solano is the tourist destination of Colombia with the greatest growth and projection. The number of excursions by national and foreign tourists grows on an annual basis. Its geography is characterized by its extensive volcanic sand, virgin beaches and its forests, which emerge from a rugged topography, especially from the Baudí Mountains (Serranía del Baudí). These topographical features make of this area of the country a suitable place for different leisure activities and specialized ecological tours. You can visit Bahía Solano for relaxation purposes, with your family and friends, or to take the most interesting ecological walks, to travel pristine rainforests, or to practice water sports such as diving, sailing or surfing.

A perfect location within Colombia

Similarly, persons who wish to visit Bahía Solano may also take advantage of its proximity to other cities, towns, and tourist attractions such as Nuquí , Medellín , Cali and Gorgona Island (isla Gorgona) . Friendly Bahía Solano is located in the coast of the Colombian Pacific, in the Gulf of Cupíca, Department of the Choco, and 178 km away from Quibdí. Its inhabitants are mostly afro – Colombian and indigenous, although given the tourism boom in the last years, many people from inside the country have also come to this area of Colombia. Bahía Solano also has a growing tourism infrastructure. Nowadays, you can find hotels and hostels with different prices and features. Most of these accommodations are built in wood, and are located very close to the spas.

Watch rare animal species

There are plenty of activities to perform in Bahía Solano, but we want to highlight the night walks to admire artificial turtle nurseries, where this marine species is protected for its subsequent release in September and up to December. Between August and October, there are boat trips aimed to watch whales, sharks and dolphins travelling northward. In a fascinating 2 hour walk, you can reach the Utría Bay, a natural park that houses nearly three hundred species of birds, as well as a large variety of bats in Colombia, and numerous species of different colored frogs.

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Travel Tips

Adequate clothing:

While you are in the beaches of Bahía Solano, it is recommended to use short pants and plastic flip-flops, but because of the fact of being in a rain forest, it is recommended to have an impermeable jacket at hand, since a small downpour may fall anytime. Likewise, for ecological long walks, it is recommended to wear long pants (in order to avoid mosquito bites), and very comfortable shoes

How to get there:

By airplane: The Bahía Solano airport can be reached from Bogotá, Medellín, and Quibdó. In high seasons, different airlines have charter flights to this area of Colombia. By land and sea: Bahía Solano still does not have adequate road access, due to topographical features of the area, but it is possible to get to Buenaventura (Department of Valle), in an boat trip that lasts approximately 12 hours. In order to travel to the Chocó Department, you need to be vaccinated against yellow fever.

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Bahia Solano Whale Watching Tour

Bahia Solano Whale Watching Tour

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