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Stunning scenery and a fascinating history make Arequipa one of Peru´s most popular travel destinations. The city itself is remarkably picturesque. Its impressive array of colonial and native architecture is built with a white volcanic rock that glistens majestically in the high altitude sun. Today, these 500 year old walls house a modern tourism infrastructure within, from 5-star hotels to world-class restaurants.

Outside of the cities walls, the vast wilderness is sculpted by snowy volcanoes, thermal hot springs, high-altitude deserts and the world´s deepest canyons. Expeditions of all kinds can show you through this unique land, inhabited by pre-Incan tribes for over 10,000 years.

There is certainly no shortage of superb things to do in and around Arequipa, from wandering through the UNESCO World Heritage Listed historical center, to by some of the soft and extreme outdoor activities.

Main Attractions

  • Santa Catalina Convent – Wander through the narrow archways of this miniature walled city, taking time to pause in its colorful gardens and ponder its 430 years of religious history.
  • Museo Santuarios Andinos – Go back in time with this impressive collection of artifacts and mummies from the Incan Empire.
  • Historical Centre of Arequipa – Get lost in the countless courtyards, passageways, cathedrals and curiosities of this UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Colca Canyon – Witness the legendary Andean Condor soar through the deepest canyon in the world. This is a place of astounding natural beauty, offering fantastic trekking for all fitness levels, mountain biking and rafting.

Best time to go

Arequipa enjoys a delightful climate with an average of 300 sunny days per year, so even though the ´wet season´ is technically between January and April, tourists can visit the city anytime.

Getting there

By bus, Arequipa is often used as a midpoint between Lima (approx. 14 hours) and Puno (approx. 5 hours). To Cusco the journey is approx. 12 hours and to Nazca around the same. Flights between all of these destinations take under an hour and leave daily.
Every year on August 15 there is a city-wide party to celebrate the day when Garcí Manuel de Carbajal settled in the city in 1540.

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