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Thrill seekers and adventure lovers will relish our white water rafting and kayaking opportunities!

With fiercely beautiful mountain rivers constantly flowing and an extensive professional rafting and kayaking community, you can soak up Colombia’s adventure playground!

One of the top destinations for white water rafting and white water kayaking is in the San Gil area in the Santander department of Colombia, just 6 hours away from Bogota. This is located in the Andean mountainouns, a landscape shaped by breathtaking canyons, valleys and rivers.

Rafting for veterans and beginners

Being such a perfect location for rafting and kayaking, you can find a number of great locations and qualified guides. Rivers here range from Level 1 to 6 rapids, and being mountainous terrain the waters are fairly cold yet rejuvenating and refreshing!

Explore the Colombian rivers!

Three of the main locations within the Santander department are the Chicamocha River set within the Chicamocha Canyon, which has recently gained world wide recognition after being nominated for a ‘New 7 wonders of nature’.

In the Chicamocha River, there are three possible tours available from 1 hour tours with class 4 rapids or two nights/ three day tours with class 4 and 5 rapids, along the river and through the spectacular canyon.

One of the most expertly navigated rivers in Colombia and haven for rafting due to its rivers characteristics is the River Fonce (Rio Fonce) which runs through the beautiful town of San Gil, and which has large mystic trees that droop into the riverside covered with hanging moss.

Here you can find friendly class 3 sections of the river to go down or enjoy the class 4 section further up the river.

The River Suarez (Rio Suarez) located about an hour from San Gil is for the extremists with its wild flowing waters and high class 4 and 5 rapids, this river is for the most daring!

Down this river you can enjoy one-day tours with 3 hours of river time or take an overnight tour covering more than 28 KM of river going down one of the best action packed and extreme river sport location in Colombia!

Rafting near the big city

Close by to the city of Bogota you can find another top adventure destination, Tobia, home to the Black River (Rio Negro). Here you can find more extreme rapids and heart pumping action for keen rafters and kayakers.

The Negro River has a class 3 section which is really easy for beginners, and if you are interested for more action you can ask for the upper section that includes a couple of good class 4 rapids.

More destinations for real adventurers

Take a break from relaxing in the beautifully lush Coffee Triangle and spice up your holiday with a rush of adrenalin down the Barragán River. The river is suited for all different levels, with class 3 rapids depending on your adrenaline capacity.

In the archeological land of San Agustin you can head down Colombia’s most important river, the Magdalena, for a thrilling and refreshing rafting or kayaking journey that takes you through these historically mystifying valleys.

You can find the lower section with exciting class 3 sections through this beautiful canyon or the upper section that goes through the Magdalena Stretch which is only for avid paddlers.

If you are interested in learning white water kayaking, Colombia is the place to do it!

The warm refreshing mountain waters of the rivers and the friendly instructors will make this a tour of a lifetime. Enjoy incredible adrenaline action with breathtaking nature and outdoor freedom!

For more information on White Water Rafting and Kayaking adventures and opportunities, please contact us at Mantaraya for expert advice and tours available!

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  • Comment by Elaine Anderson — 08/17/2010

    Hi Amanda
    A belated thank you! I had a wonderful time in Colombia. The pick-up/drop-off went smoothly. The two people who picked me up were really nice and waited with me until the tour bus showed up in the morning. They were also there late at night (9:00 pm!) to pick me up. I hope you can express my thanks to them for their impeccable service. I was a bit out of it (from exhaustion) when they picked me up at the end of the day so I didn’t even tip them :(

    Anyways, it was a fabulous day. I made friends with lots of Colombians and hope to return in the future for a longer period of time and more adventure!

    Thanks again for all your help!

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