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Whale watching off Colombia´s remote Pacific coast

Witnessing these friendly giants in their natural habitat off Colombia´s Pacific Coast is a rare and humbling experience.

Humpback whale watching is enjoyed by a relatively small amount of national and foreign tourists that take advantage of their trips to Colombia, not only to appreciate the arrival of the whales, but also to do other eco-activities and learn about the abundance of biodiversity in the region of the Colombian Pacific.

The right time and place for whale watching

Between the months of July and September, groups of humpback whales arrive at the Pacific coast of Colombia to mate, give birth, and feed newly born whale calves. The most suitable zones or populations of Colombia for whale watching are:

The humpback whales that you will see during your excursion grow over 30 meters in length and weigh up to 40 tons. You can also see 4 meter long “ballenatos” or baby whale calves, which weigh around 4 tons.

Even though there are no cases of people hunting whales in Colombia, it is important to remind tourists that the purpose of whale watching is to observe these marine animals in their natural habitat, and how they behave for survival.

Therefore, Mantaraya Travel and Colombia tourism condemn those who hunt cetaceans for the economic benefit of third parties.

Responsible tourism

To enjoy whale watching in a safe and environmentally responsible way, we recommend you to take into account the following things:

Minimize the speed of boats: If the speed of vessels is high, the engine noise will be strong and whales will probably be scared to come out to the surface.

Avoid abrupt turns of boats: Sudden turns in vessels generate big waves and scare the whales away.

Minimize noise by tourists: During whale watching, do not speak with a raised voice and avoid making loud noises with objects. Remember that whales are in their habitat, and any noise generated by humans can frighten them away.

Do not chase, surround, or mobilize between cetaceans: for safety reasons, both for the tourist and the whale, avoid being very close to these cetaceans. Leave them alone, just observe.

Remember that whale watching in Colombia is possible from July 1, until September 22, when approximately 2,000 humpback whales migrate from the South Pole to their birthplace off the shores of the Colombian Pacific.

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