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Magical Caribbean & Pacific coastlines, we have it all!

Colombia is a paradise with its extensive array of beautiful beaches along both the Caribbean coast (Colombia is the country with the largest amount of beaches in the Caribbean) and the pacific coast.

Lush tropical rainforests, breathtaking deserts and mountainous terrain accompany these incredible beaches in Colombia, which combined with the warm tropical climates make the country one of South America´s top sun and beach destinations.

Enjoy the Carribean feeling!

Along the Caribbean Coast you can find all the flavors and colors of a Caribbean destination one could hope for, with tranquil and exotic seclusions of white sandy beaches, and back dropped with magnificent tropical rainforests, deserts and mountains and vibrant Caribbean culture, Colombia excels for sun and beach getaways.

The historical gem of Cartagena is the most famous Colombia beach destination. While the beaches of Cartagena are not themselves particularly attractive, a boat ride to the Rosario islands (a total of 23 small idyllic islands) or Tierra Bomba will take you out of the bustle of the historically enchanting city and bring you to blindingly white beaches, crystal clear waters and a postcard perfect Caribbean setting.

There are a number of resorts and hotels to stay in if a day trip is not enough to enjoy the sun, sand and sea.

Further up the coast Santa Marta, Taganga and Parque Tayrona boasts incredible beaches with an array of places to stay.

From Santa Marta the beaches that line the city here offer delicious Cocolocos to drink (rum cocktail in a coconut) and nice hotels or resorts to stay in.

From here you can take a short trip to the fishermen bay of Taganga, a quaint village for diving and snorkeling trips, and from which you can take some small treks or boat rides to some further tranquil coves and beaches.

There are also scores of other off-the-beaten-track beaches just waiting to be discovered on Colombia´s spectacular Caribbean Coast.

Enjoy the beach and ancient cultures!

Parque Tayrona, rich with pre-Colombian history and archeological sites, this lush, tropical rainforests holds wild, rugged and purely breathtaking beaches and coastline.

Hammocks are the main form of accommodation here, and one can while away sunny days under coconut palms, and sandy wild beaches on this incredible coastline, which is still some what a secret to the world. You won’t find better stretches of magically wild beaches anywhere!

In 2007 the Guardian Newspaper selected Parque Tayrona as the second best beach in the world!

Heading for the last northern stretch of Colombian beach and territory, you will encounter the mystifying culture of the Guajira home to many indigenous cultures such as the Wayu and with golden, breathtaking desert lining the impressive ocean with startling colors of aquamarine.

Accompany beautiful pink flamingos along the beaches, unwind in colorfully Wayu made hammocks and experience a different type of world in the hot desert sun with its welcoming sea breezes.

Pacific beaches

Experience the Pacific Coast, and its remote yet warm and welcoming culture in Nuqui, and the Bahia Solano.

Thick Jungle spills out on to the coastlines of dark warm sand; beautiful rivers stream along mangrove banks and reach out onto the beaches.

Watch locals drift out at sunrise along the pacific waters in their canoes for a days fishing, visit beautiful waterfalls whilst taking a break from relaxing in the sun, or sit and watch surfers tackle challenging waves, and whales pass by during the mating season.

Located far from Colombia’s mainland are the vibrant tropical islands of San Andres and Providencia, surrounded with crystal waters seven shades of blues and greens, and white sandy beaches dotted with coconut palms.

These tropical islands with a joyful reggae culture, and historical past, including tales of pirates days, have some of the most tranquil, secluded and beautiful beaches to enjoy. A pure paradise for sun and beach seekers!

For trips to these Colombia beach destinations just contact us at Mantaraya!

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