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Learn the beautiful spanish language from warm friendly locals!

With a beautiful clear form of Spanish, and incredibly warm Colombians to teach you, Colombia is a fantastic country to come to if wanting to learn the romantic and beautiful Spanish language. The second most spoken language in the world!

You will hear it often, that out of the many Spanish speaking countries, Colombians have one of the clearest and beautiful forms of Spanish in the Spanish speaking world.

Learning Spanish in Colombia from just basic to advanced levels offers you more than just great tools for learning a new language but it is also a great place to live and study. Colombians are some of the nicest people you will come across in the world, and make fantastic friends.

They also celebrate festivals and public holidays, almost more than any other country and with a diverse culture and geographic wonder, you will be able to practice your Spanish while experiencing new and exciting places through out the country.

Practise Spanish in a unique environment!

Across the country you can experience different alterations in the Colombian accent however you can also experience a selection of places, environments and backgrounds from which to learn your new language.

You have the option to learn in the beautiful Andes Mountains and Metropolis city of Bogota from which you can explore warm country side and adventure sport towns at a short distance as well as enjoying fairs, festivals, concerts, museums and night life within.

In Medellin, the spring time weather with its fruitful landscapes, shopping capital, beautiful people, museums and exciting nightlife draws keen Spanish learners, and those looking for adventure along the vibrant Caribbean coast head to Cartagena, to be surrounded in fine Colonial architecture and ambience, and from where sandy tropical beaches and rainforest, volcanoes, deserts and festivals can be visited at ease during your Spanish learning program. You would like to combine learning spanish with your passion for nature and wild life? Take you spanish lesson in the Leticia in the Amazon Region.

If trying to decide where best you can learn Spanish or at least some key Spanish words and phrases to use while travelling, take into account of the many incredible things you could surround yourselves with to fully enjoy the experience.

Colombia offers more than you could possibly hope for and can offer you with some great short to long term courses or top universities from where you can obtain what is a fantastic and useful language!

Types of Spanish courses we offer

  • Spanish and Latin dancing
  • Spanish for tourists
  • General Spanish
  • Intensive Spanish
  • Spanish with Volunteer social work.

All courses will give you an incredible opportunity of cultural immersion and the chance to learn about our history and traditions.

Contact Mantaraya if interested in learning Spanish in Colombia and we can offer you more information and help with a variety of different options!

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