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Peaceful Paddling in a Sea Kayak

Enjoy ecological wonders at the tranquil pace of your kayak, covering tropical waters in the Caribbean sea of Colombia, experiencing the beautiful Rosario Islands and Swamp of the virgin!

Kayaking in the Rosario Islands

In the beautiful Rosario Islands, you can find pristine coral reefs, marine sea grass, mangroves and coastal lagoons, which were declared as a Natural National Park by the National Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (INDERENA) in 1977.

Kayaking through the islands park is an incredible way to peacefully view its abundant diversity with more than 1300 animals and plant species that have been registered here.

Along your route you will come across hundred year old coral banks, pure sandy beaches and crystal clear waters which have been filtered by the ecosystem.

A particularly special upside of sea kayaking in the Rosario Islands is that you can reach secluded areas protected by the government and where no motor run boat is allowed to enter, giving an incredible immersion with the sound of nature!

Swamp of the virgin

For novice sea- kayakers you can paddle through Cartagena’s beautiful Swamp of the virgin, often called Cartagena’s ‘lungs’. Whilst kayaking through its many mangrove tunnels you can see some of the magnificent bird populations, fish life, and colorful crabs that reside here as well as an abundant variety of flora and fauna.

Kayaking for everybody!

For short tours paddle aboard open seated kayaks along the Cartagena Sea and end up with a scuba diving adventure or for experienced paddlers we can arrange overnight sea kayaking tours through the Rosario Islands.

Mantaraya has an expedition’s kayak fleet that you can use for various adventures throughout the Caribbean.

We also offer these Sea Kayaking tours, which you can partake in with an experienced ecological guide to enrich your experience! Please ask our Mantaraya representatives for more information.

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