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Colombia. A nation that loves, lives and fully breathes the passion of Salsa!

Welcome to Colombia, Latin America, where you can joyfully move to the sensual and vibrant beats of Salsa music! And Dance passionately with the locals!

The rythm is impossible to miss!

It will be hard to find a place nor time where you won’t hear vibrant Salsa music playing in parties or spilling out onto the streets, or to see people of all ages expertly or instinctively dancing to it!

Many top salsa bands from Colombia or from international destinations regularly play in concerts, bars, clubs or private parties and the Salsa capital of Colombia, Cali has a huge festival every year (Cali Fair), which involve top salsa competitions and many of the city folk dancing in the streets through out the festival.

During your stay in Colombia, it is a must to join in on this vibrant expression of the Colombian culture. All cities have great salsa bars to enjoy, however in most clubs there will always be a mix of music that generally involves salsa music.

Small towns and villages often have small bars that play salsa music or occasionally you can find it playing in their town squares or festivals.

Join the locals and learn from them!

Colombians being some of the friendliest people in the world will happily join you in a dance or teach you the moves.

There are also salsa dancing classes available if you would like to learn from a professional teacher or learn some expert moves to impress the locals!

You can find these courses or local opportunities of Salsa dancing from the hot, sensual Coastlines to the high Andean mountain towns and cities!

Join in the passion of Salsa! And ask us at Mantaraya for Salsa dancing courses or hot dancing spots which are available in Cartagena, Cali and Bogota.

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