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Feel the wind in your hair while cruising the open seas!

Enjoy the open warm breezes while cruising along Colombia’s beautiful oceans, taking advantage or the fantastic windsurfing, kite surfing and sailing opportunities we can offer you!

With tropical waters on the Caribbean coastline, one can partake in the excellent windsurfing, kite surfing and sailing activities that are readily available to do!

Learn and enjoy the fantastic scenery!

Expert guides can teach you the ropes on the safety of dry land, or in shallow waters, or they can assist the more practiced with the equipment needed, and the skills to thoroughly enjoy these water sports.

Some excellent places to partake in these particular sports are from the enchanting Colonial city of Cartagena, where you can take a break from the hot Caribbean sun with some cool ocean breezes and refreshing Atlantic waters.

Further up the Coastline in La Guajira, in the beautiful scorching desert lands, immerse yourself in the Agua marine waters, and enjoy the magnificent environment whilst learning or practicing your chosen activity!

On the tropical reggae island of San Andres, there is a great deal of activities to enjoy from the islands sandy beaches, including jet skiing and glass-bottom and semi submersible boat rides.

A number of boats also leave from the Islands mainland and can take you to small paradise islets close by.

Lakes provide safe sailing fun!

Higher in the mountain regions of Colombia and very close to Bogota are the Tominé and Sisga lakes where you can enjoy the dramatic environmental backdrop, and tranquil waters, for a weekends break out of the metropolis city for more aqua fun!

For Sailboat cruises, you can sail for a day or stay over night on a yacht which can take you out to enjoy fishing, diving or simply just the peaceful open breezes while sailing along the Caribbean Sea experiencing a sublime touch of wilderness and delicious prepared meals.

For more information on kite surfing, wind surfing and sailing opportunities just ask us at Mantaraya!

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