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Join in the explosive and joyful parties that Colombians do so well!

With an array of fantastic nightclubs and bars located in the Metropolis and historically charming cities, you can dance the night away!

Its no secret that Colombians like to party, in fact they like to celebrate just about everything, if not once, but twice or three times such as birthday parties which can sometimes last the whole week with celebrations!

Therefore Colombia makes do for an excellent nightlife! With pulsating and sensual Latin beats like salsa and reggae ton or every type of rock, metal and pop, music is well and truly alive wherever you go. Clubs can range from high end and classy joints, to more rustic, old favorite locals.

Explore the cities at night!

Some of the vibrant areas to find nightlife are in Cities such as the Capital of Bogota, which has a number of popular and thriving areas, dotted with excellent bars, restaurants, and night clubs.

The Candelaria, the historic centre of Bogota, has many places to visit, and which are located along the old colonial streets. Modern sectors for partying are in the European influenced Zona T and the upscale Parque 93.

The king of all parties perhaps in the whole country however is the famous Andres Carne De Res, located on the outskirts of Bogota in Chia.

This restaurant and bar, is the top spot for graduation, birthday and other such celebrations, and is an art work in itself with hundreds of gizmos and gadgets to look at on the walls, ceilings and floors, with themed performers often parading through or occasionally coming down from the ceiling.

The whole restaurant is huge, with a number of pathways and areas to explore and get lost within all the while dancing the night away in a night you won’t forget!

In the Salsa capital of Cali, you can head to the thriving salsa district of Juanchito to see and live some of the best salsa dancing in the world!

Medellin, with its warm spring weather, and beautiful regional people, has a number of great clubs to enjoy through out the city, join the rich, young and beautiful in the Zona Rosa.

In Cartagena head out for a hot Caribbean night and party within the cities old historic centre or just outside the colonial cities walls in the Zona Rosa, where you can dance to sexy tropical beats!

In all cities and some larger towns you can party on ‘Chivas’ bright, colorful party buses with lots of open air and party music to dance to while you tour around the city stopping at popular bars or clubs!

No such thing as a quiet little town!

Smaller towns and villages often have plenty of locals enjoying the night in their town squares with friends or families, and where you can freely enjoy a cold beer or Colombia’s traditional alcoholic drink of Aguardiente, (an anise flavored drink) in a typical Colombian enviroment.

Don’t miss a night out with our friendly locals, or fellow travelers, during your stay here in Colombia!

For nightlife or Chiva tours, contact us at Mantaraya for more information!

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