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Enjoy a unique event - The Medellin Flower Festival

During July and August you can discover Medellin, the capital of the Colombian state of Antioquia, nicknamed “City of eternal spring” for its enjoyable mild temperatures.

Home to one of Colombia’s proudest and most famous singers Juanes, Medellin offers plenty to do and see in this wonderful and vibrant city in Colombia, known for its people, who exude friendliness, warmth and not to mention good looks.

Witness the unique Flower Fair!

A special parade to bring in the crowds and to done a spectacular array of flowers is the Silleteros Parade; the Silleteros are what the people wear; a construction on their back and forehead which is adorned with hundreds of flowers. (The Silleteros were also used in old times in this department to carry people through the mountains).

During the annual Flower Fair in Medellin the streets are buzzing with locals and visitors from afar all trying to find a good spot along the far stretching street prepared for the yearly tradition of the Silletero parade.

The Silletero parade comes by every year when the Antioquia department of Colombia begins to bloom more abundantly with flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes.

Due to the local tradition, children, adults and elderly march along the streets with wooden contraptions strapped to their backs, the smaller resembling something like a chair such as what the children and woman carry, where as the larger ones are circular and big enough to take over the greater length of the adult man carrying it creating them to lean over more in the process.

The wooden contraptions called ‘Silleteros’ are decorated and adorned with hundreds of flowers, some creating incredible and slightly unbelievable images from cultural symbolic expressions to local and national business logos.

A festival with a long tradition

This tradition was born from a time when the people of this department would carry people up the hills with chairs on their backs and return loaded up with flowers and other such goods such as harvests and crops.

The job of carrying the Silleteros does by no means look easy, as the hot weather pulsates through the city the Silletero carriers have a long walk, with many people along the way offering refreshing drinks of water for them to rehydrate.

The Silletero carriers often twirl around so that all can see their abundant load and every now and then for the large circular Sillterero the carrier will place the Silletero on the ground to walk to the side and bow. In between these colorful and flowery moments are dancers and musicians of all types.

Dancing, parading, and playing with the crowd. It is hard not to smile and grin continually at the passing of all involved in this incredible display and celebration!

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