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Immerse yourself in famous and colorful Colombian festivals!

Gabriel Garcia Marquez famously said that 5 Colombians in a room invariably turns into a party. So what does 500 000 Colombians and tourists gathered on the streets for a good time turn into? You’ll have to visit one of the countries hundreds of yearly festivals to find out!

It’s a fact that no other people in the world party like Colombians. The unique ethnic mixture of European, African and Indigenous heritage fuses together in an eruption of beauty, color, dance, music and self-expression. Picture a grand avenue in New York, the road a conveyor belt of tremendous psychedelic floats, the skies alight with fireworks, the air vibrating with pumping drums and trumpets and the ground shaking like an earthquake due to half million Shakira’s, Beyonce’s and Usher’s in fancy dress dancing like they’re on hot coals. You’ll have to see it to believe it!

There are hundreds of unique festivals every year in Colombia and not all are as wicked and wild as the one described above. There is the fairy tale 10-day Medellin Flower Fair, the biggest in the world. The Cali Fair, the biggest Salsa festival in the world. And the Bogota Theatre Festival, you guessed it, the biggest in the world. There are also scores of quaint little fairs in picturesque small towns, such as the Festival of Lights in Villa De Leyva and the International Amazonian Folk Music Festival in Leticia.

Public celebrations of life and culture are very important to the Colombian people and they provide a great opportunity for foreigners to get under the skin of the country and have a truly unique experience. As tourism is still young in Colombia, all of the festivals remain authentic and noncommercial. Foreigners are taken under the wings of locals and often treated like celebrities. If you’re a planning a trip to Colombia, don’t forget to check out nationwide festival dates to see if you can fit one into your itinerary.

See all the festivals in Colombia:

The Barranquilla Carnival

Party with locals at the Carnival! One of the most famous Festivals of Colombia is undoubtedly the Barranquilla Carnival , often compared to Colombia’s own version of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival which takes place in Brazil. Read more about Barranquilla Carnival…

A salsa Christmas in Cali

For an explosion of dance, and sexy Salsa beats, Cali is the place to head to. Annually run during the Christmas festive season, Caleñas are seen dancing in the streets during the Cali Fair. Read more about the Cali Fair

Flower Fair in Medellin

In the spring time weather of Medellin, beautiful parades of the countryside’s flowers spill onto the street with beautiful arrangements and bursting displays making up the Flower Fair. Read more about the Medellin Flower Fair

The Black and White Festival in Pasto

Every year in early January Colombia’s southwestern city of Pasto comes alive and gives its artistic gift to the world. Pasto’s Carnival of Black’s and White’s is an exceptionally creative and colorful event. Read more about Pasto’s Carnival of Black and White

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Comments for Festivals in Colombia

  • Comment by Juan M. Rodriguez — 09/17/2009

    Describing the magic that Colombia’s Northern coast embraces is virtually impossible, and the Carnaval de Barranquilla is just one more example of what this entails. It’s not just about an amazingly pleasant weather, the uncommonly tasty dishes, the joyfulness if its people or the cheerful environment that you breathe every second; it’s all of these combined with an unstoppable series of fantastic events and parades that have the capacity to literally freeze Colombia’s third largest city during one whole week … and much more! Words are definitely not enough to describe this magnificent display of culture, which Unesco has designated as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. This is why everybody proclaims that at the Carnival “quien lo vive es quien lo goza” (only that who lives it enjoys it).

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