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Bird watching in the #1 country in the world for bird diversity!

Bird lovers will relish the opportunities for bird watching here in Colombia, where a staggering number of 1,876 species have been discovered so far. Colombia is #1 in the world for bird species diversity, and there are 116 important bird zones in the country.

Watch birds unique to Colombia!

Colombia’s rich geographical lands provide a number of different environments for these 1,876 species.

From high altitude mountain plains, lush coastal jungles, tropical islands, mangroves, wetlands, deserts and the great Amazon, you can find an incredible variety of birds including the Yellow Eared Parrot, Dusky Starfrontlet, Sooty-capped Puffbird, Keel-billed Toucan, Sapphire- bellied Hummingbird, Amercian Flamingo, Screech Owls, Macaws and Pelicans just to name a few.

Colombia is also home to a number of migrating birds that can be seen during certain times of the year.

With such an important bird fauna in the country, Colombia attracts many Ornithologists year after year.

Learn about birds from specialists

Mantaraya proudly deals with some top Ornithologists and arranges tours with them to the many bird destinations that occupy 40% of the country such as the breathtaking seaside mountain ranges of Santa Marta, the lush and thick tropical jungle of Choco on the pacific coast, the wild and famous Amazonian jungle, the beautiful and mystic Andean mountains, the tropical Rosario islands, and to some of Colombia’s beautiful and abundant wetlands like Los llanos.

Apart from bird watching tours there are also fantastic volunteer programs to take part in to help gain awareness and upkeep conservation within this thriving bird paradise!

For more information on bird tours or volunteer programs please contact us at Mantaraya!

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