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Discover wonderfully preserved, mystic dwellings and symbolic statues

Colombia is a hidden gem riddled with history and archeological sites.

Because it has remained some what of a secret to the large tourism industry, you can still find a lot of well preserved and uncrowded sites, which gives you an incredible opportunity to learn some of the extensive history and magical atmosphere that resides here!

Discover the rich history of Colombia

Pre-Colombian times were full of mystic and advanced civilizations spread through out the country with a wealth of cultural diversity and religious belief systems which incredibly can be witnessed today through archeological remains.

During the Spanish conquest, many things changed for these civilizations, however with the gift of the country’s thick rainforests, contrasting terrain and jungles some special archeological secrets were locked within, protected within the country’s natural environment.

The incredible San Agustin and Tierradentro are home to a pre- Colombian worshiping site of an unknown and mysterious civilization.

Large stone sculptures with carvings displaying spiritual thoughts and belief systems through animal designs and images are placed around extensive stretches of fields, as well as burial sites going down deep into the earth.

This spectacular remaining evidence still proudly exists due to being hidden for many years by the areas terrain and fierce indigenous people, in fact San Agustin was not discovered when the Spanish conquest happened nor for many years there after. This extensive site has been wonderfully preserved and incredible to visit!

Surrounded in myth of the El Dorado, this country was famously know for its gold and the people who created beautiful ornamental and worshiping pieces with it.

Although the Guatavita lake; a worshiping and sacrificial lake where the El Dorado myth comes from, was searched for gold pieces (some of which you can see in Colombia’s museums) the famous Ciudad Perdida (the Lost City) was enveloped high in the Tayrona mountains, and although the Tayrona Indians no longer live there their descendents do, whom have helped to protect this special area.

The Ciudad Perdida is the remains of their advanced community thought to be the leading community for the Tayrona Indians within these mountains.

You can see the stone terraces, irrigation systems, and neatly placed stone paths and roads still intact, although overgrown with the thick jungle bush.

Colombia’s beautiful terrain holds many archeological sites whether large or small scale and it is truly fantastic to see it with dramatic countryside backdrops and in great preservation!

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