The Best Things to do in Colombia – Part 1


Best things to do in Colombia - Wildlife observation

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With such an astonishing variety of unforgetable things to do in Colombia, most visitors find that they simply cannot squeeze everything that they want to do into a single trip.

Colombia´s terrific diversity of landscapes, ecosystems and cultures results in a whole continents worth of activities concentrated in a single country. Continue reading to find out the top of the endless list of exciting things to do in Colombia!


#1 Hiking


Many avid trekkers consider Colombia to be the undicovered treasure of South America. There are few other places in the world where such breathtakingly beautiful scenery can be enjoyed in such solitude and tranquility. Colombia´s top hikes include the 5 day ´Indiana Jones trek´ through the jungle to The Lost City, as well as ´La Vuelta´ of La Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, a national park boasting over 25 snow-capped peaks, dozens of tremendous glaciers and some 40 majestic high-altitude lakes.


Best things to do in Colombia - Hiking in La Sierra Nevada del Cocuy


While these two treks are certainly some of the best things to do in Colombia and indeed South America, hiking can be enjoyed all over Colombia, whether its beneath the tallest palm trees in the world in the Cocora Valley, through the moon-like canyons of the Tatacoa Desert or through magic colonial towns such of Villa de Leyva and Popayán.


#2 Colombian Festivals


No other people in the world party like Colombians. The unique ethnic mixture of European, African and Indigenous heritage fuses together in an eruption of beauty, color, dance, music and self-expression. Certainly one of the best things to do in Colombia is go to one of the countless incredible Colombian festivals. There is the fairy tale 10-day Medellin Flower Fair, with the biggest flower parade in the world; the Cali Fair, the biggest Salsa festival in the world; and the Ibero American Theater Festival in Bogotá, you guessed it, the biggest theater festival in the world. There are also scores of quaint little fairs in picturesque small towns, such as the Festival of Lights in Villa de Leyva and the International Amazonian Folk Music Festival in Leticia.


Best things to do in Colombia - Colombian Festivals


Public celebrations of life and culture are very important to the Colombian people and they provide a great opportunity for foreigners to get under the skin of the country and have a truly unique experience. As Colombian tourism is still in its infancy stage, all of the festivals remain authentic and noncommercial and foreigners are taken under the wings of locals and often treated like celebrities. If you’re planning a trip to Colombia, don’t forget to ask our travel advisors for nationwide festival dates to see if you can fit one into your itinerary.


#Wildlife observation


Per square meter Colombia is the most biodiverse country on the planet. Colombia´s varied ecosystems are home to about 10% of all of the species on Earth. Vibrantly bursting from Colombia´s fertile hills, humid jungles, vast savanas, deep canyons, baking deserts, snowy mountains, dry tropical forests, dense mangroves, sandy beaches and colorful coral reefs are:


  • Around 1/5th of all the plant species that exist on Earth, including the world´s largest variety of orchids (over 3,500).
  • The largest variety of bird species in the world (1754 in total – more than in Europe and North America combined).
  • The world´s second largest variety of amphibians and third largest variety of reptiles.
  • The world´s largest variety of butterfly species (around 3000).


Best things to do in Colombia - wildlife observation


This makes wildlife observation hands down one of the best things to do in Colombia. Be it bird watching in Tayrona National Park, witnessing the magestic pink dolphins in the Amazon, whale watching on the Pacific Coast or marveling at exotic wildlife in hundreds of other regions, there is no better place in the world than Colombia for animal lovers.


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