Taganga: Lazy days on the Caribbean Coast


Taganga: Lazy Days on the Caribbean Coast


Guest post by Catherine Mansfield


There’s nothing like the taste of fresh fish when the sea is so close that your lunch could practically have jumped from the water onto your plate.

Now, just add the signature coconut rice and fried plantains of the Caribbean coast, wash it all down with a cold beer and sit back and enjoy the feeling of having absolutely nothing to do all day.


If you like the sound of this, then Taganga is the place to be. A traditional fishing village that has become a top holiday destination for Colombians and international tourists alike, Taganga’s lively sea front is dotted with relaxed open air restaurants where no-nonsense,

delicious fresh fish is the order of the day.Taganga: Lazy Days on the Caribbean Coast

At just a taxi ride from the town of Santa Marta, Taganga is well worth a visit on your tour of Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

After lunch, it’s time for a stroll along the sea front to take in some views. After a while, stop at a juice stand and buy a fresh ice-cold juice made from bizarre fruits you’ve never heard of but which taste like heaven in the hot afternoon sun.

Next, I’d personally go for a short boat trip or a scenic walk along the coastal path, find a spot on the beach and lap up some of that sunshine. But if you’re looking for something slightly more taxing, Taganga is a diver’s paradise and the perfect place to take a beginner’s course. Submerge yourself in the turquoise water and say hello to the fish (some of whom you might be eating for lunch the next day!).

As the sun goes down, get ready to join the international crowd enjoying Taganga’s famous nightlife. But, don’t rush –  take a moment to stop and watch the sun set over the water after a hard day of doing nothing.


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