Colombia`s Holy Grail of Hiking

If Colombia were an undiscovered treasure chest of treks, then El Cocuy would be its crown jewel…

Mountain reflections in Plaza Lagoon, El Cocuy, Colombia

Boasting over 25 snow-capped peaks, dozens of tremendous glaciers and some 40 majestic high-altitude lakes, the park offers visitors everything from 3 hour scenic hikes to 10 day extreme mountaineering expeditions.

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My trip to The Lost City (La Ciudad Perdida) Colombia

One of the biggest attractions in Colombian Tourism is The Lost City Trek. La Ciudad Perdida is not as famous as Peru’s Macchu Picchu but it is equally if not more spectacular. The whole point of these treks and Eco-tourism in general is to get closer to nature and discover those unspoilt attractions. I would say that anywhere you can take a train to instead of trekking to clearly has become too commercialised ala Macchu Pichu.

Don’t get me wrong the ruins at Macchu Pichu are spectacular but La Ciudad Perdida offers more than just that final idyllic photo, its more about the journey itself than the destination and what a journey it is…

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