Taganga: Lazy days on the Caribbean Coast


Taganga: Lazy Days on the Caribbean Coast


Guest post by Catherine Mansfield


There’s nothing like the taste of fresh fish when the sea is so close that your lunch could practically have jumped from the water onto your plate.

Now, just add the signature coconut rice and fried plantains of the Caribbean coast, wash it all down with a cold beer and sit back and enjoy the feeling of having absolutely nothing to do all day.


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Tayrona – An Ecological Wonderland on Colombia´s Carribean Coast


Chances are, if you´ve heard anything about Colombian tourism, you´ve heard something about Tayrona National Park.


A photo of a beautiful beach in Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park, photo-by-beautyrevolver.com

Tumbling down to golden beaches and aqua Caribbean Sea from one of the highest coastal mountain ranges in the world, Tayrona National Park covers 15,000 hectares of equatorial rainforest bursting with biological diversity and archeoligical treasures.


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Enjoy the photos of Gordon’s Lost City trek

The Lost City Slideshow: Gordon’s trip from Colombia to Santa Marta was created by TripAdvisor. See another Santa Marta slideshow. Create a free slideshow with music from your travel photos.


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My trip to The Lost City (La Ciudad Perdida) Colombia

One of the biggest attractions in Colombian Tourism is The Lost City Trek. La Ciudad Perdida is not as famous as Peru’s Macchu Picchu but it is equally if not more spectacular. The whole point of these treks and Eco-tourism in general is to get closer to nature and discover those unspoilt attractions. I would say that anywhere you can take a train to instead of trekking to clearly has become too commercialised ala Macchu Pichu.

Don’t get me wrong the ruins at Macchu Pichu are spectacular but La Ciudad Perdida offers more than just that final idyllic photo, its more about the journey itself than the destination and what a journey it is…

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