Ecotourism in Colombia with Mantaraya Travel


Sustainable tourism in Colombia: School children in a local community learning all about turtle conservation - copia

Photo by CIMAD

With the growing global awareness about the importance of environmental protection, ecotourism in Colombia is becoming increasingly important and many travel companies who offer trips to natural places now call themselves ´sustainable´ or ´eco-tourism providers´. But the reality is that if these trips are not coordinated with care as well as local knowledge and support, they can easily be just the opposite.


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Ecotourism Colombia – Save Sea Turtles on the Edge of Extinction


Colombian ecotour- Releasing turtles back into the wild


A cause that needs you

For 200 million years sea turtles have swum the Earth´s oceans. They lived through the extinction of the dinosaurs and observed the evolution of humans as if it took place overnight. And now, due to some careless fishing practices and the polluting of their natural habitats, within the next 20 years these mystically prehistoric creatures face being wiped of the face of the planet forever. Gone…


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