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Tayrona National Park, Colombia


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Family Travel in Colombia – A Holiday for Everyone to Enjoy!


Family travel in Colombia

Colombia´s turbulent past mean that it´s never been a hotspot for family travel, but as national security and safety continue to increase and the country re-invents international image, this is all beginning to change.

Colombia is in fact a perfect destination for family travel. It´s incredible diversity mean that there are activities and destinations for people of all ages to enjoy. On top of this, the Colombian culture is centralized around a strong family unit, so children are almost always welcome in all types of establishments.

Here are 5 things to do in Colombia that the whole family can enjoy:


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Colombia in July – Blue Skies as the Festivals and Whales Fly!


Whale watching on the Colombian Pacific - Colombia in July


Travelling to Colombia in July and August allows you to craft a diverse itinerary bursting with the most brilliant things that this exciting country has to offer! Most parts of Colombia in July and August are dry and warm, making travel pleasant for all, especially those who want to get out and experience the great outdoors.

There are also several fantastic festivals that take place during this season, filling the air with a cheerful spirit and providing travellers with a spectacular opportunity to get under the skin of the Colombian culture. If blue skies and festivals were not enough, then July in Colombia also sees the arrival of the countries biggest yearly visitors, large groups of humpback whales who migrate to Colombia´s Pacific Coast for a couple of months every year.


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Colombia Adventure – Hiking, Rafting and a whole lot more!


Colombia adventure - Waterfall rappelling in Santander


Many would say that travelling to Colombia is adventurous in itself, but for those who love fresh air, gorgeous natural scenery and addictive outdoor activities, then Colombia just about has it all.


Colombia´s astounding geographical diversity creates the perfect playground for adventurous travelers.


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Colombia Travel FAQs: The 15 Most Common Questions – Answered


Colombia Travel FAQs

Handstand on a mountain pass in the stunning El Cocuy National Park


Colombia Travel FAQs



1. Is it safe to travel in Colombia?

2. Is it safe to travel as a single female?

3. Can I travel without a guide?


4. Do I need a visa?

5. What do I need to pack?

6. Do I need vaccinations and malaria pills?

7. How is the weather?

8. Do I need to learn Spanish?


9. How is the public transport system?

10. How do the Taxi´s work in Colombia?

11. How are the hotel standards?

12. Do I need to leave a tip?

13. Where and when are the best festivals?


14. What is the currency and exchange rate?

15. What is the cost of traveling in Colombia?


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