Tierrabomba Island – Cartagena´s Calmest Corner

Colombian fisherman shows of his catch on Tierrabomba, Cartagena


A nice alternative to the popular Playa Blanca and Islas Rosarios, Tierrabomba is a feet up fishing island just 5km off the coast of Cartagena. It´s white sand, clean water and healthy palm trees make for a more relaxing day on the beach than Cartagena´s busy Boca Grande, where people selling everything from oysters to massages can get a little tiring at times.

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15 Reasons To Visit Colombia in 2012


Portrait of a boy with the flag of Colombia painted on his face.


There are hundreds of reasons why this is the year to discover Colombia. The New York Times and National Geographic have both named the country one of the ´hottest travel destinations of 2012´, and any savy traveller would know why.

Colombian tourism is growing exponentially. Security and safety have increased ten-fold, amazing new destinations are being put on the map by the week and every visitor to Colombia is returning home with a suitcase full of great memories and new opinions.

Here are just a few reasons why you should visit Colombia in 2012!

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Pasto´s Carnival of Blacks and Whites Just Two Days Away


Pasto Carnival of Blacks and Whites


As the world nurses its New Years Eve hangover, people in Colombia´s south-western city of Pasto are preparing for the 3-day-long party that is the Carnival of Blacks and Whites. One of the oldest festivals in South America, Pasto´s Carnival of Blacks and Whites is a lively and artistic celebration of the regions rich cultural diversity.

There are giant parades with fantastic paper mache floats, wild costumes, beauty queens, non-stop live music and a general excess of fun. But without doubt the most famous aspect of the carnival is the tradition of covering people in black on the second day and white on the third.People covered in white during Pasto´s Carnival of Blacks and Whites

The tradition dates back to the Spanish rule when one day African slaves were permitted to party and in good spirit the slave’s masters painted their faces black. Nowadays it is more used to homogenize all social classes and ethnic groups and act as a disguise for people to freely vent their suppressed desires and party free of inhibitions.

The unique event kicks of this Wednesday with the Castañeda FamilyParade. For a more comprehensive guide to the Carnival, check out our Colombian festivals page here.


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Discover a Pacific Coast Paradise and Protect the Planet in the Process


Ecotourism at its finest…

Beautiful beach on Gorgona Island in Pacific Colombia


Gorgona Island, rising out of Colombia´s pacific waters like some kind of utopian kingdom, is more renowned for its abundant marine life than its breathtaking beauty. Most of the foreigners that have ever stepped foot on the land have been scientists or documentary-makers. Among humpback whales, manta rays, hammerhead sharks and coral reefs, the place is home to 4 of the world´s 7 species of sea turtles, and they are all in grave danger.


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Tayrona – An Ecological Wonderland on Colombia´s Carribean Coast


Chances are, if you´ve heard anything about Colombian tourism, you´ve heard something about Tayrona National Park.


A photo of a beautiful beach in Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park, photo-by-beautyrevolver.com

Tumbling down to golden beaches and aqua Caribbean Sea from one of the highest coastal mountain ranges in the world, Tayrona National Park covers 15,000 hectares of equatorial rainforest bursting with biological diversity and archeoligical treasures.


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