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Colombia Travel FAQs


1. Do I need a visa?

2. What do I need to pack?

3. Do I need vaccinations and malaria pills?

4. How is the weather?

5. Do I need to learn Spanish?


Read on for the answers…


1. Do I need a visa?

Most travelers entering Colombia, including U.S and European citizens, are granted a 3 month tourist visa at the airport. See more Colombia visa information.


2. What do I need to pack?

What you will need to pack for traveling comfortably in Colombia depends on where you plan to go. Outdoor adventure destinations like the Amazon, Tayrona National Park, the Colombian Pacific and San Gil have hot and humid climates, so it´s good to have:


-          Light clothes that dry quickly

-          Sandals and comfortable walking shoes

-          At least one set of long sleeves to protect you from mosquitos

-          Mosquito repellant

-          Bathing suit

-          Quick drying towel

-          Waterproof bags for your camera and electronics

-          Hat

-          Sunglasses

-          Sun lotion

-          Rain jacket

-          Padlock

-          Warm clothes for cold nights


In the cities, Colombians like to dress up nicely when they go out, so it’s a good idea to have something other than hiking boots and cargo pants, especially if you´re planning on learning to dance salsa ; )


Colombia Travel FAQs - Salsa Dancing


Much of Colombia is at high altitude where the sun is incredibly strong, so packing good sun protection is essential for all trips to Colombia.


3. Do I need vaccinations and malaria pills?

Vaccination against yellow fever is recommended for all of Colombia and obligatory for Tayrona National Park, the Amazon and the Pacific Region.

Tetanus and hepatitis are recommended in Colombia as in almost everywhere in the world.

Malaria is not obligatory for anywhere and comes down to personal choice.

Planning a trip to Colombia - How is the weather?

4. How is the weather?

Colombia is the most biodiverse country on the planet for its size and this diversity extends to its climate and weather. Colombia is a country of ´micro-climates´, meaning that each region has its own unique weather conditions that generally do not play by predictable seasonal patterns. The coast is hot and humid all throughout the year. Medellin is called ´The city of eternal spring´ for its delightful year-round climate. And Bogotá, well some call it the London of South America – cultural, cosmopolitan and depressingly grey…


5. Do I need to learn Spanish?

In the big cities of Colombia a lot of people speak English, but basic Spanish is still needed for taking taxi´s, shopping at markets and ordering meals in most restaurants. The more remote the destination, the less likely the people are to speak English, and there are in fact places in Colombia where Spanish is spoken as a second language. For a great head start, check out our article on the 10 most useful Colombian Spanish words.


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