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Watching movies is a fun way to get to know a little bit about a destination before visiting. That´s why we´ve listed 10 of the best Colombian films and documentaries, to get you excited about this beautiful and fascinating country.


Soñar no cuesta nada


It is only natural that Colombian cinema largely focuses on the tumultuous side of the countries history. While narcotics and violence are undoubtedly a very real part of Colombias troubles, over the past decade these aspects have continued to distance themselves from every day life in the country. Dramatization is innate to filmmaking, and just as not all Vietnam Vet´s resemble Rambo, not all Colombians go through the experiences depicted in these films.


So here are some of the best Colombian movies:


A Ton of Luck (2006)

Based on a true story, 147 underpaid Colombian soldiers are faced with the ultimate temptation when they stumble upon 47 million dollars of FARC money deep in the jungle. The film is a surreal black comedy following the story of 4 of the men as they go back to civilization and start the party. Most of the soldiers have still not been found.



Maria Full of Grace (2004)

Probably the most famous Colombian film of the past decade, a young pregnant woman becomes a drug mule to earn some desperately needed money for her family. Maria Full of Grace one the Audience Award at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.


The Colors of the Mountain (2010)

A modern-day portrayal of life in rural Colombia, set around the friendship of two young boys. One day they accidently kick their treasured soccer ball into a mine field and do everything they can to retrieve it.



Lessons For a Kiss (2011)

Filmed in the gorgeous Cartagena, this film looks at the lighter side of Colombian life. After a young boy falls in love with a stunning girl, three older men with different philosophies on love and romance try to help the boy to realise his ultimate dream – a kiss on the lips.



Paraiso Travel (2008) Trailer in Spanish

A powerful love story told from the perspective of a young Colombian man who, motivated by his girlfriend, leaves his comfortable home in Medellin and flees with her to find fortune in the U.S. The tough journey eventually lands them in the promised land where they are faced with the reality of life as an illegal immigrant.



The Two Escobars (2010)

A fascinating documentary about the lives of druglord Pablo Escobar and football star Andres Escobar. While the two were not realated by blood, their stories tragically cross when Andres scores a fatal own goal in the 1994 Soccer World Cup in Los Angeles. The documentary is an examination of the intertwining of sports, crime and politics in Colombia.



The Rose Seller (1998)  Trailer in Spanish

A potent drama about street kids in Colombia, focusing on 13-year-old Monica who sells roses to couples in nightspots. It´s a hard life for the young kids, taking drugs and experimenting with prostitution. The film was screened in the 1998 Cannes Film Festival.


Bluff (2007) Trailer in Spanish

After a photographer finds his girlfriend having an affair with his boss, he is left without love or work. The film is an intelligently scripted thriller/comedy about revenge and blackmail, containing a wealth of quirky Colombian insights.


Rosario Tijeras (2005) Trailer in Spanish

This Seductive film based on the book by the same name deals with the life of Rosario, a beautiful woman involved with the subculture of sicarios, the motorcycle-riding hitmen of the slums of Medellín. The film is told in flashback from the point of view of Antonio, a young man from the upper class of Medellín who has an affair with Rosario.



The Strategy of The Snail (1993)

This is a classic Colombian comedy about a group of squatters who face eviction when the property owner returns to Bogotá to reclaim his mansion. The squatters try everything they can to stay but it´s all in vain, until one of them thinks of a cunning plan.



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    Rosario Tijeras! excellent movie with one of the best Colombian actresses Alejandra Borrero. It’s a MUST!